The Circle of Life for Women in Uganda

These images depict an evening of a teenage mother's life regardless of if she is married or not. It is a life we are raised to do from childhood and the only difference now is that their babies have to come along because there is nobody to babysit them later on a feeding bottle or formula to be left behind. If one is 'lucky', then their first born daughter of 3-5 years, whom they most likely gave birth to at 13 years of age, or younger sister can tag along for two reasons, one to help carry the baby as...

Why Building Together Is So Important

As seen in some of the pictures below, we train under various tree shades shifting by the direction of the tree shade. We stay near the road and so all the dust from the passing cars and motorcycles is inhaled by us but most importantly by the babies that are as young as one month old that the young skilling mothers come with. The babies are asleep beside their mothers because we don't have a nursery or the capability to rent one. Secondly, we run the very first and only abuse shelter where in we mostly have teenage mothers who...

Make A Difference

You have the ability to GIVE a woman the POWER to stand up for herself. We will be your boots on the ground providing free legal representation to marginalized women and girls, and giving them the tools they need to claim HUMAN RIGHTS for themselves.